Chapter 122 Posted…

Thank all of you for your patience and continued support.


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New Page Of Historical Images Posted…

Look for 00002 near the top of the pages list to the right.

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A Call For Art…

The original ARBN site generated a considerable amount of art from readers. There were drawings from Greg L., photos of models of the structures in the story made by Sunny, sketches from D.J. etc.

A few current readers have mentioned that they have captured these images. As he says below, G. has agreed to archive these works and forward them to me for posting on the story blog so that new readers can enjoy them.

If you have any of these works, please contact G. at the below address.

Thanks, T.

G (to Zeet & All Readers) says:
November 13, 2015 at 1:03 am (Edit)
Hello all,

I have been asked by Tristan to accumulate the drawings by Greg the Artist and Sunnys pix of his architectural models of the buildings in the story and forward them to him to put up. Being the annoying person I am, I’m going to unofficially widen my task out a smidge to include DJs artwork and anyone else I’ve forgotten if any.

Apparently the Internet Archive mainly just got the text, as it often does with sites. Personally, I think I have most, if not everything, but I wouldn’t know if I was missing anything. Additionally, I may have compressed versions, well I’m sure they’re compressed somewhat. And you may possibly have better versions? I can compare the file size and send the best to T, better versions of the images will make the site look better.

Additionally, if any of you know how to convert them (and keep them that way) to a lossless compression, that might be helpful, since I’ve got to send them to T, then he saves them, then posts them, and if they get recompressed at each stage, they will only get worse. But I don’t want to overcomplicate it. Just send me what you have.

The email below is a disposable one I created for this. Once it’s served it’s purpose, if the spam gets out of control, I’ll just close it.

Till next time, G

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Hallo Readers…

Hallo readers,

To clear up some questions: All chapters through 113 (169) have been published in raw form before. I know 113 (169) was published before because I received an audio version of it from a reader years ago. The next chapter (114) will begin the all new, never before published, continuation of “All In A Row.”

Thanks to all our loyal readers!

Cheers Tristan

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… for your comments and support: Dave H., Siams, James H., Patrick M., Greg H., Walter C., AOF, Jinrva, Barry, Sunny, Carlitos, Rhyn, Brian A., Barry, Bestpi, Astrostar, David, r2young, Joe Writer Man, Singsalone, Nicthalon, Navyoneusa, etinsecret, Stickypants, Thomas P., bMystery, D. Peterson, P. J. Stony, Zeeton, dhoop, ikMurray, Antoine, Rinky Dink, Fivecrows,  Wayne P., RHartsock, R. Blindheim, Kevin B., Omukambisi, Bogsider, Itsonlyme, Jeffrey S., Willowkidcow, Steve, pmcconlogue, Joseph A, Juan C., Miles, et al. It’s good to know a few people are actually reading this story.

Cheers, Tristan

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Hello Old Friends And New…

Welcome to “All In A Row” (The Boys of Sunset) ©. This is a novel that was known as “A Rent-Boy Named,” or “RB” for short. This novel was posted on another blog until I took it down a few years ago. The story has been edited several times since it was last posted. Much thanks to G.M. for his help and patience with the editing, and to G. for his hosting talents. If you were a fan of the story, welcome back. I hope you’ll give it a fresh read. Yes, there are new chapters written but I can’t publish them until I’ve posted the edited original chapters, so please be patient. For those counting chapters anticipating #169 and the continuation of the story, keep in mind that some chapters are being consolidated so your numbers may be off. If you are new to the story,  sit back and I’ll tell you a tale… Start by clicking “Chapter One” on the right >>> P.S. Be sure to “follow” to be notified of updates. The icon is on the lower right of this page. Thanks T.S. All content of, “All in a Row (The Boys of Sunset)” © 2015 are copyrighted properties. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from the author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear written permission is obtained, and credit is given to, T. Strangebrew and, “All in a Row (The Boys of Sunset)” with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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